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EDF is an awarding body for professional programmes on continuous skills enhancements.

Education Development Foundation (EDF) is the awarding body for career oriented professional qualifications on continuous skills development enabling young learners to realise their full potential and achieve their goals for a better prospect in life. Over last decade, EDF has been following its ethos of educating, enlightening and empowering next generation for a promising future. EDF is a reputed and esteemed professional body whose objective is to upskill young talents so that they can excel in their professional career. EDF is committed to developing and promoting a culture of professionalism for improved competence and capability building vital for excellence in performance. The online portal is a step forward to ensure that the professional programmes are made available to as many learners as possible who are interested in their personal and professional growth. EDF’s online Continuous Skills Development programme bridges the skills gap of the learners for better prospects and makes this a unique learning experience for every learner as it accessible and affordable for one and all.

EDF currently offers core skills development courses and is continually adding new courses. Check out our Qualifications page to select your chosen course(s). EDF offers Certificate as well as Diploma courses.

About Us

EDF is dedicated to raise awareness of values and uphold high standard of professionalism enabling the learners to achieve professional excellence and optimal performance necessary for continual career progression.


EDF’s Dimension of Professionalism propounds that there are three fundamental components key for professional success…


‘Life Skills for All’ with high standards of professionalism
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Develop and Deliver programmes to provide ‘Life Skills for All’ and uphold high professional standards at all times.

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